Fresh Point – Fort Lauderdale, FL

Fresh Point – Fort Lauderdale, FL



  1. Dear Lizzy, I found your Rhyn book, Katies Hellion last year by accident and was hoeokd. I loved them. could you please send me Rhyn’s Redemption. I can’t find it for free like the others. I’m getting ready to read Demon’s Desire next. thank-you Kay

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    • Even if you work with full-commission (3%) agents, they just work with their farviote title insurance companies. They don’t comparison shop the best deal for you.How do you find out the quality of service of a title insurance company? How do you find out all the fees that the title insurance will cost you?Title insurance is to ensure that your home has a free and clear title and no one has a lien or a claim on it. It’s critical and requires professional expertise. You don’t want to do it yourself, and cannot afford to be self-insured. You don’t want to find out by surprise that your home isn’t yours after you’ve paid your down payment and all the closing costs. Title insurance ensures that this never happens, assuming that the insurance company does its job.Is anyone familiar with the California laws? Is it always the seller’s agent who chooses the title insurance company? Do the laws require that all title insurance companies do pretty much the same things to check the title?

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    • Actually I can’t wait for the wayang by the S’pore govt1. China pssied off, alamak govt caught in embarrassing position, since govt is pro-China.2. Indon and Bhumi-laysia “no satisy” to have the “white infidel” so close. Wat’s more, S’pore and US are PRO Israel. (as am I)Lets see how S’pore govt dances the with regional powers.Rongeng rongeng, ahhh goyang panat ‘mu!

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    • Vanilla Bean’s Holiday Open House!Saturday December 1st from 10:30AM-2:30PMVanilla Bean Unique Cookies and Cupcakes3410 N. Anthony Blvd.Fort Wayne, INThe chill is in the air and the snow will soon be falling, so come indise and enjoy some hot cocoa and cookies with Santa at Vanilla Bean Unique Cookies and Cupcakes. Your little elves will enjoy decorating their own holiday cupcake. They’ll meet Santa, enjoy a delicious cookie, a cup of hot cocoa or holiday punch. Santa’s helpers will package their cupcake for the ride home. They’ll also receive a special treat! Admission -$5 per child. Mr. or Mrs. Claus will receive 10% off all in store purchases, holiday orders, and gifts for spending the afternoon away from the North Pole!

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    • I used to have very dry skin when I was younger. Now I am alomst 30 and my skin just keeps getting oiler and oiler. I do not have acne or blackheads but I do have large pores. I use a pack of blotting papers in a week and I’m still OILY! I hear that witch hazel is a good product to try but where do I find it, what does it look like and what is the recommended usage of it?I have already read tons of postings from other people about oily skin but they all seemed to be teenagers. I am constantly embarassed by my skin and really need some advice. I am seriously thinking about seeing a dermatologist but I have to wonder if insurance would pay for the medication they subscribe.Any thoughts are welcomed.Thanks!PS- I have used every expensive and inexpensive skin care line you can imagine over the years!!

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    • I’m interested in stritang a small dog walking business in my town. What are some things I need to consider before I do this? Do I need any sort of insurance? How do you figure out how much to charge? Etc. I’ve had dogs all my life. I know lots about dogs. I love dogs. So, I figure why not do a job I’d love! And work for myself. I’m just not sure what things need to be considered first.How do you get insurance? What type of insurance?

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